Say It With Stones

Welcome to the SAY IT WITH STONES website. In addition to allowing you to purchase our books, this site will feature information on all SAY IT WITH STONES titles, regular news and updates on the activities of the authors who have published books with the press, links to reviews, and information on open reading periods.* As our catalog grows, so will the site . . . stay tuned for exciting things to come!

In the meantime, check out our inaugural title: Steve Wilson’s collection of poems The Lost Seventh. Released in 2011, The Lost Seventh is a tightly wound, keenly aware collection of poems, and I’m proud to have it introduce the imprint. You can purchase your copy directly from SAY IT WITH STONES for $12 w/ free shipping, or you can order the book through

July will see the publication of j/j hastain’s collection of poetry long past the presence of common. The book is nearly finished, and proofing will be underway soon . . .

Fall will bring with it Edmond Caldwell’s novel Human Wishes / Enemy Combatant, after which we will turn our attention to publishing collections of poems by Brenda Iijima and Sotère Torregian.

Finally, SAY IT WITH STONES is an imprint of INTERBIRTH BOOKS. Current and forthcoming INTERBIRTH titles include: Diane di Prima’s Loba Desesperada (forthcoming), Christian Peet’s Pluto: Never Forget (2010 / $10), Richard Owens’s Embankments (2009 / $15), Francis Raven’s Provisions (2009 / $22), INTER vol. 1 (2008 / sold out), Mary Burger’s A Partial Handbook for Navigators (2008 / $25), and David Hadbawnik’s Ovid in Exile (2007 / sold out). For more information and to order, please visit


*Though we are not currently reading unsolicited manuscripts, we are interested in being introduced to the work of writers we may not know. With the spirit of openness and curiosity in mind, we will be scheduling an open reading period soon.