Five Reviews of j/j hastain’s *long past the presence of common*

I’m thrilled to announce five recent reviews of j/j hastain’s full-length collection of poetry/prose/photography long past the presence of common (SAY IT WITH STONES 2011). The first is by the Canadian poet and novelist rob mclennan and can be read at rob mclennan’s blog; the second is by the author and publisher J. A. Tyler and can be read at Red Fez; the third is by John Pluecker and appears at the inimitable HTML Giant; the fourth is by Jai Arun Ravine and recently appeared at their website of the same name, and the fifth is by Andrew K. Peterson and can be read at The Barnyard. The interest, time, and commitment reviews require are not lost on us. We’re honored and grateful that anyone wants to read our books, let alone write about them! So many thanks to rob mclennan, J. A. Tyler, John Pluecker, Jai Arun Ravine, Andrew K. Peterson & perpetual gratitude to j/j hastain for the hard work and sustained brilliance.

To learn more about and purchase j/j hastain’s long past the presence of common, visit pleth’s page.

j/j hastain is the author of long past the presence of common (SAY IT WITH STONES 2011) and a regular contributor to SOUS LES PAVÉS. You can learn more about j/j at pleth’s website.