HUMAN WISHES/ENEMY COMBATANT in the Digital Media Complex

Edmond Caldwell’s novel Human Wishes/Enemy Combatant (Say It With Stones 2012) has been making its rounds through the digital media complex over the last couple weeks. For example, Gone Lawn, a web journal of new and progressive literature, recently published an excerpt of the novel’s third chapter, “Four Horsemen Bridge.” We’re grateful for their help in disseminating the work! Additionally, Christopher Higgs recently noted Human Wishes/Enemy Combatant in his “Playing catch up with the stacks” at HTML Giant. He confesses to being drawn to Caldwell’s remarkable, Kafkaesque sentence: “Someone must have dropped a dime on our hero, for without having done anything wrong he woke up one morning from uneasy dreams to find himself transformed in his bed into an enemy of the state.” Indeed. & that’s not the half of it! Finally, Frances Madeson just published a substantial interview with Caldwell at her Written Word, Spoken Word. Read it for a bit of insight into the thoughts and practices behind the novel.